Places to See in Georgia – Brasstown Bald

A high altitude view of blue haze covered North Georgia mountains from atop Brasstown Bald

Definitely near the top of the list of places to see in Georgia, Brasstown Bald offers stunning 360° views not found anyplace else in Georgia. The views at Brasstown Bald are the attraction and some of the best in the state. The visitor center, gift shop, a hike if you are up to it and those stunning views are easily worth the trip when you are in the area.

What is Brasstown Bald?

Known to native Cherokee people as Enotah, Brasstown Bald is a mountain in North Georgia popular for it’s scenic views. Part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is a province of the Appalachian Mountain range, Brasstown Bald rises to an elevation of 4,783 feet making it the highest point in Georgia.

View from the parking area at Brasstown Bald shuttle stop and restrooms
Brasstown Bald shuttle stop and restrooms

On a visit to Brasstown Bald you arrive at a large parking area where the gift shop and shuttle stop are located. Public restrooms and picnic tables are here as well and shuttles arrive every fifteen minutes or so to carry visitors to the visitor center and viewing tower at the top of Brasstown Bald. You may choose to hike a .6 mile trail up the mountain to the top instead of taking the shuttle and be treated to some beautiful views especially when trees lose their leaves in winter but be advised the trail is very steep.

Beautiful stone walls lead the way up the ramp to Brasstown Bald Visitor Center
Brasstown Bald Visitor Center

In addition to stunning mountaintop views at the visitor center, park rangers are available to answer questions and the center offers a video presentation and displays of regional flora and fauna as well as the history, geology and ecology of Brasstown Bald. Of course, the views are the true attraction and visitors roam about the viewing platform surrounding the upper level of the visitor center. Remember to take along a bit of change for the viewing telescopes atop the bald or bring binoculars and, of course, your camera or cell phone is a must.

Stuffed Black Bears on display at Brasstown Bald Visitor Center explain local flora and fauna.
Brasstown Bald Visitor Center Display

Where is Brasstown Bald?

Part of the National Park System, Brasstown Bald lies a hundred miles north of Atlanta near the towns of Blairsville, Hiawassee and Helen, Georgia surrounded by the Chattahoochee – Oconee National Forests in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.

Undulating ridge of Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains
A view from Brasstown Bald Visitor Center

Why Visit Brasstown Bald?

Brasstown Bald offers the most beautiful mountain views in the state and is a must see for those traveling North Georgia. Plan to spend an hour or two exploring the gift shop, visitor center and taking in those amazing views.

Beautiful blue skies and blue haze mountains viewed from atop Brasstown Bald in Georgia
A view from Brasstown Bald Visitor Center Viewing Area.

Why are the Blue Ridge Mountains Blue?

As do the rest of the peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brasstown Bald is characterized by a bluish haze over the mountains; the result of isoprene gas released by the trees. When the weather is good the haze clears allowing visitors to see downtown buildings in Atlanta a hundred miles to the south as well as peaks in the neighboring states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

When to Visit Brasstown Bald

As of this writing in 2017, Brasstown Bald Visitor Center is open March 21 through December 31 though the visitor center elevator closes December 1. Operating hours are daily 10:00am – 5:00pm. Fees are $5.00 per person and includes shuttle transportation. Calling ahead before your winter time visit is advisable since access is sometimes closed due to snow and ice. Call 706-896-4137 before you go.

A view of North Georgia Mountains under a blue haze and blue skies at Brasstown Bald Visitor Center
A view from Brasstown Bald Visitor Center

Though there are no activities at Brasstown Bald, except a 1/2 mile hike up the mountain from the parking area to the vistor center, it’s easily one of the best attractions in the state simply because of the gorgeous view from the highest point in Georgia. Go and spend a couple of hours exploring the visitors center, patronizing the gift shop and taking in the splendor of Brasstown Bald and Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a must see whenever you are in the area.

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