Life Is About Changes

Photographer Renda Brooks gazes over St Joseph bay in Port St. Joe, Florida as rain moves across the water.

Life is all about changes which scares the Hell out of people but it’s the one constant in life, that, and death though death is only the beginning not the end and change keeps things interesting with opportunities for growth. Let go of the fear and embrace it all one moment at a time. Look forward to death as your reward for facing the challenges in this life. Look forward to change for the chance to learn new things. Find acceptance knowing the world is the way it is because that’s the way it needs to be right now. Pray each day and offer thanks to God for your blessings and never mind what you think you need. The Universe knows. Live each moment knowing change and a new beginning may always be near and whatever you do, always….and be honest with yourself about the reasons…always do it out of love. Blessed be to you.

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